Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to sell Avantek frames? 

- By first showing other drill mounts. Note the holes in the lenses, the intrusion in the optical zone, and then have the patient try on Avantek.
2. How do I adjust the frames? 
- Adjust like any other 3-piece frame. Be sure to use two tools so undue force is not applied to the frame or lens.
3. What is the minimum lens edge thickness? 
 - 2mm (.080 “) just like the standard rimlon product.
4. What is the warranty for Avantek frames? 
 - 1 year warranty covering any manufacturing defect.
5. Are custom lens shapes available? 
 - Yes. Please contact us at 650.321.7881 for more information.
6. Can I change the lenses in my Avantek frames? 
- Yes. This is done by Avantek.
7. How long does it take from the time I order a pair of Avantek glasses and the time I will receive them? 
- Most glasses can be picked up in less than one week, depending on the lens specified.
8. What metal is used to make the Avantek frame? 
- Beta-titanium 
9. Will Avantek frames break? 
- Avantek glasses are stronger and more durable than most frames, but are not Flexon® (also from the inventors of Avantek)
10. If a piece detaches, can I use super glue? 
- No. The Avantek Reversible Bonding Adhesive (RBA) has been specifically designed to create a persistent but reversible attachment for polycarbonate lenses and the Avantek frame system. Please return the glasses to Avantek for repair. Use of any glue will void the warranty.
11. Will the tab break off? 
- The tabs can take more abuse than the best selling drill mounted lenses, but are not unbreakable.
12. Is CR-39 or glass acceptable for Avantek lenses? 
- No. Polycarbonate or Trivex is recommended. CR-39 and glass are brittle and not suitable lens material for Avantek.